A3 management

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Continuous Improvement is always a noble goal. However, even the simplest improvement projects risk turning into an administrative nightmare.  Often this is caused by poorly structured communication, vague objectives, and deadlines that move around so much that there is no end in sight.

A3 Management is the Lean solution to getting projects done with a bare minimum of documentation and a communication structure that is as simple as it is effective. Armed only with a sheet of A3-size paper and eight clear project steps, you will have everything you need to solve persistent problems and unlock the improvement potential at your workplace.

The A3 approach is easy to learn; within just a few hours this online course will teach you the tricks of the trade and provide you with the knowledge you need to get started right away.


In this online A3 Management course you will learn how the A3 Management method works and how to put it into practice. In 10 lessons that will take you roughly 5 hours, you will learn what A3 Management is, how to organize an A3 project and how to perform the eight steps of this problem-solving project method.

All this course content is delivered in bite-sized chunks by means of short videos, text, quizzes, examples and infographics. Each lesson can be completed in roughly 15 to 30 minutes. At the end of the course your newly obtained knowledge and skills will be put to the test in a multiple-choice exam. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your understanding of the course content.

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A3 management

Online A3 Management course.

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The online A3 Management course has 10 lessons. Total learning time is approximately 4 to 6 hours. An important advantage of this online A3 management course is that lessons can be followed at your own convenience. Once you have started, you can always logout and login again when you have time to resume the Online A3 Management course.

Module 1: Introduction and overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to A3 Management
Lesson 2: Starting up an A3 Project

Module 2: The eight steps

Lesson 3: Step 1: Define the problem
Lesson 4: Step 2: Define the current situation
Lesson 5: Data Analysis
Lesson 6: Step 3: Define the objective
Lesson 7: Step 4: Find the root causes
Lesson 8: Step 5 and 6: Formulating countermeasures and implementation
Lesson 9: Step 7 and 8: Evaluating the results and standardizing the process

Module 3: A3 in practice

Lesson 10: Tips and Tricks
Exam A3 Management


Digitaal examen
Na alle lessen van deze online cursus te hebben afgerond krijgt u toegang tot het examen.

Dit examen heeft geen tijdslimiet, kan driemaal herkanst worden en bestaat uit ongeveer 10 tot 20 vragen.

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Na succesvolle afronding van deze training ontvang je een officieel certificaat van The Lean Six Sigma Company.

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