Green Belt to Black Belt

Aimed at ambitious Green Belts who wish to ‘upgrade’ to the Black Belt level. During this course you will learn to carry out Black Belt projects and statistically substantiate your conclusions.

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    Ambitious Green Belts

    You have (Lean) Six Sigma knowledge and experience and you are certified at the Six Sigma Green Belt level. You would like to increase your level of knowledge to the Black Belt level. Then the 3 to 5-day Green Belt to Black Belt upgrade would the way to Black Belt (service / industry) certification. 

    The Green Belt to Black Belt training

    The upgrade consists mainly of learning how to apply statistical analysis. As a result, you will be better equipped to identify the root causes of problems and resolve them. You will learn how to translate data into information and information into conclusions. 

    During this program you will be focused on studying exclusively Six Sigma methods. Upon successful completion, you will therefor acquire Six Sigma Black Belt certificate. In order to get our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, you need to demonstrate that you already have our Lean Thinking certificate or to subscribe for our Lean Thinking training.


    Green Belt to Black Belt

    Two day course aimed at Green Belts which wants to become Black Belt

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    On the basis of 684 reviews obtains The Lean Six Sigma Company with the service Green Belt to Black Belt a score of 9 out of 10.

    Practical information

    The Green Belt to Black Belt course is open to delegates with a (Lean) Six Sigma Green Belt Theory Certificate, even if it was not achieved at The Lean Six Sigma Company. If you were not trained by The Lean Six Sigma Company, we kindly request you to send a copy of your Green Belt certificate to us prior to the start of the course.

    The Green Belt to Black Belt Course has a duration of 3 to 5 classroom days. It assumes Six Sigma certification at a Green Belt level.

    Course outline

    Subject matter includes:

    • Descriptive statistics
    • Inferential statistics
    • Minitab
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Statistical process control


    The course will end with an exam covering the complete Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge.

    $2,400 for the 3-day upgrade

    $3,600 for the 5-day upgrade 

    Pricing includes:

    • Classroom tutoring by a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
    • Course materials (reference book, slide pack)
    • Exam (and 2 re-exams if required)
    • Certification
    • Food & Beverages

    It does not include a full Minitab license and lodging.

    What is the value of a Lean Six Sigma certificate?

    Upon successfully completing a Lean Six Sigma training you will be awarded an ‘official’ certificate. How can you make sure this certificate represents the very value you were looking for. In the following video tutorial, it is explained what elements you have to take into account to determine the value of the certification provided. Learn more by clicking here.

    Next course

    The next Green Belt 2 Black Belt training available for public enrollment will be scheduled soon. Please send us an e-mail for more information. Group and company training can be scheduled any time. Contact us to discuss how we can bring Lean Six Sigma into your business.

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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Although Lean Six Sigma is best known as a project-based improvement structure, it is much broader than that. Lean Six Sigma is an established philosophy, an organizational and improvement structure as well as a set of tools. Using this perspective Lean Six Sigma addresses organizational issues with respect to competitiveness, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. 

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organization is unique, without a common blueprint that universally applies. Together with you, The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organization.

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